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Mobile internet has ultimately become the big thing like lady gaga. People are surfing comparatively more through their smartphones. So, there is a new cloud for brands to get their attendance marked.

Mobile Friendly Sites : We love being in this field. Every moment new challenges keep coming up. When the industry was still struggling with internet advertising, mobiles came up. With 4.8 billion using mobile phones, mobile friendly interface is no less than an essential thing. You must have heard of fast growing internet but mobile is 4 times faster. On mobiles, customers want less than 5 seconds of loading time, lesser scrolling, quick links, bigger buttons etc. Our experts know how exactly a small screen can hold all the relevant information within just one or two clicks.

Mobile Advertisement : Advertisers love to study patterns. But I still do not understand how is it possible to find patterns in mobile habits where there cannot be any habit. Just think what your mobile habit was a year ago. It changes every single day. You get a new phone, download a new app, there it is. Everything changes. The widely used 4 P’s of marketing will start to converge with expanding mobile usage. We do not make strategies for mobile advertising, we make business models. The projected mobile commerce will be $35 billion by 2019. This figure is very tempting but getting converts through mobiles is harder, putting us back in the picture.

Our Mobile Marketing core services include: Organic Search, On-Page SEO, Link Building, Keyword Research / Strategy and Activity Report.

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